Slimming center

Slimming center
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weight loss centres in Chandigarh

Weight loss– In Weight loss market is clouded with diet plans and supplements. Medical weight loss centres provided a safe reliable option for adults who are serious about shedding weight, diet don’t work because no one can “Diet” forever, With the end of diet comes weight regain. So these weight loss programs are helpful in weight loss.

  • G5 and g10- Basically these techniques use to reduce the fat in tummy, thigh, Hips and other fatty areas.
  • Vacuum therapy: It is useful for hard and stubborn fat. Its pressure therapy basically.
  • Vacuum Rf therapy: It is advance Tightening therapy with the help of laser technique or machine.
  • Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement.
  • Lipolysis Treatment: It is ultrasonic cavitations and Radio frequency Lipolysis. It’s breaking down of fat into chemical, It is made up of. Lipolysis is a natural process by which our fat reserves our transformed into energy to be used up by our muscles of body.

We have customized weight management programs that provide comprehensive and realistic weight loss to –

  • Adults,Adolescents
  • Families

Tummy Fat Reduction in Chandigarh

Who struggle with weight problems, We provide Physician support, Dietary counselling & Physical activity counselling.
Important factor in weight is (BMI)
BMI is a mathematical calculation of the weight of a person according to his height. Weight loss therapies boost a metabolism to burn calories.Benefits of weight loss – If you are obese or overweight. You may be able to lose weight with these kinds of therapies easily. After losing weight, you can avoid risk for health issue or diseases such as

  • Decreased risk of diabetes
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Decreased joint pain
  • Reduced back pain.

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Slimming center
5 (99.41%) 304 votes